Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gone Green

This is not a picture of my pool, but it's close enough. After four years of trying to maintain our money pit of a pool, we're throwing in the towel. I have five excavating companies coming out this week to give us an estimates on removing our pool. This of course means my dream of a new Honda Pilot, new kitchen counter tops or new hardwood floors will have to wait until next years bonus. Boo!

Although others may wonder "why remove an in-ground pool in South Texas", I think it's the best choice for our family. Here are my Top 5 Reasons:

1. It's unsafe--I constantly worry about the girls drowning.

2. It's a money pit--In the last four years we've sunk about $5000 in maintenance. With another $5K + repair needed to keep the pool finctional.

3. It sits unused--In four years we've used the pool less than 20 times.

4. It's hard work--Maintaining the pool is a daily commitment, one we don't have the time for.

5. It limits resale-- If we ever were to sell, the pool would limit the quantity of potential buyers.

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