Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Week With Lois

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Day One -- Extreme Bull Riding & SOL

Saturday we took Lois to see an Extreme Bull Riding Competition at the rodeo--it wasn't as "extreme" as I expected it to be.

After the show we headed over to The Cove a SOL (sustainable, organic & local) restaurant, featured on Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.

The restaurant is part car wash, part laundry mat and...

...part playground.
The ambiance was fun, but the food was amazing. Being that we had just come from the rodeo, I decided to go for the Texas Burger (with Refried Beans, Corn Chips, Grilled Red Onion, Avocado & Salsa) there was reason it was voted "Number One Burger in San Antonio", it was yummy. Robert ordered the Portabella & Spinach Quesidilla, he REALLY liked it, but I was not keen on the mushroom-spinach combo. And Lois had their famous Fish Taco's, also a good pick.

Day Two--Home With Sick Kids, Take One!
Sunday was a bit of a downer, Briar came down with the stomach bug, but presents from Grandma certainly lightened the mood.
Those are some mighty big packages, it's a good thing our Aunt Lois was able to drive them down for us.
The next few days are pictureless, but enjoyable no less.
Day Three -- Mi Terra & Market Square

Day Four -- Home With Sick Kids, Take Two
Day Five -- Majik Theater
Wednesday was by far my favorite outing. Lois took us to the Majik Theater to see If You Give A Mouse A Muffin.
The girls were so excited.

Here they are sitting outside the theater.

The play was amazing, it even entertained Lois and I. I can't wait for March when the production company takes on Pinkalous, another favorite story in our house. It's just too bad Lois won't be there to enjoy it with us.

Day Five -- Guenther House
On Thursday we went back downtown to have brunch at the Guenther House. Everyone seemed to enjoy their pancakes.

Brie enjoyed eating outside on the veranda.

Briar loved the free rolls.

And Lois and I loved the gift shop. Check out the adorable apron Lois purchased for Brie--isn't it too cute?

Day Six -- Gruene, Texas
Our last day with Lois we left the city for a visit to Gruene (pronounced Green), Tx. There we ate at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, Adobe Verde and visited all the quaint little shops.
Brie & Briar seemed to love the General Store most, anyplace with lollipops this big has to be great.

Briar choice raspberry.

Brie choice strawberry.

After we bought our Pecan Honey Butter, cowgirl photo frame and Carmel Machiottos we headed home, put the girls to bed early and forced Lois to try sushi. I'm not sure she was keen on it, but she was gracious none the less.
It was sad to see her go on Saturday, we truly has a fabulous time, with a fabulous aunt.

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