Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day Trip

Saturday morning "My Lois" left bright and early, so since we were already up and at'em Rob thought it would be a great idea to take a day trip to Austin! And we all know what is in Austin, right? Ikea!

Before I agreed to the trip I made sure we were actually going to be able to purchase some of their wonderful things. Robert assured me we could pick out a few things for the house, but that I wasn't going to spend a $100! So I spent $93! What does $93 buy? Bedroom lamps, clothes organizers, a new wok (our previous one caught my kitchen on fire last Tuesday), oven mits, spatulas, utensil holder and a birthday present.

The day wasn't over though, on our way back to San Antonio Robert said lets get off in downtown Austin. So with no plan we got off at the capital exit in search of something fun to do. That's when we spotted our favorite grocery store. Whole Foods Market!

We walked our new snacks (coconut roasted macedonia nuts, vegetable flavored gummy stars and Izze Clementine soda) down to the river for a picnic.

Took a "short cut" back to the car.

And found a shopping center with everything I'll ever need in life.

But of course...

so I'll leave the rest of the trip up to your imagination.


  1. Vegetable flavored gummies? Um...

  2. That sounds like the most perfect day!