Monday, March 29, 2010


Pinkalicious, ever read it? Well not only have we read it, but we've now seen it. Yesterday the girls and I went to a special Pinkalicious Party at the Majik Theater and boy did we have a Pinktasic time. The line to get in was a sea of pink; pink costumes, pink jewelry, even pink hair. However, Brie and Briar were content to wear their new pink dresses!

They were really excited to go inside!

Inside we learned why the Sunday showing so special!

They had pink cupcakes, pink ice cream and pink punch to enjoy in a pink-filled lobby!

And you better believe my girls found them to be Pinkalicious!

After enjoying a lobby filled with activities, we avoided the merchandise table and head up to our seats in the balcony.
(yes, I know I need a haircut, I'm heading to the salon this week)

To make the Pinkalicious Party even more Pinktastic, the company put on a fashion show for the girls. You may find it as no surprise that Brie did not want join in the fun.

Then it was "On With The Show"! The play, I mean musical, was AMAZING. Seriously, it was PINKTASTIC!!!! I am in love with the Majik Theater, so glad Aunt Lois got us hooked!

After the show we waited in line again, to get the casts autograph.

Dr. Wink



So glad Brie reminded me to bring our Pinkalicious book.

After experience this Pinkalicious Party, I'm more than excited to throw an Easter party this Wednesday. Stay tune for photos!!!

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