Monday, March 22, 2010

Absolutely Positively Certain

Disney On Ice has come and gone! I wish I could say Brie had a fabulous time, but instead all I can say is "I think she had fun". Unfortunately I made a mistake and didn't realized that the program would have all the Disney characters, instead of just the princess. Brie had no idea who the Mickey Mouse Club characters were, nor did she care for the "scary" Halloween Villain scene (it's a good thing I decided against taking her to the 101 Dalmatians Broadways show). Even though she wasn't as excited as I though she would be, one smile like this makes the trip worth the effort.

One thing I can be certain of is that Brie & Briar are loving the improvements being made to the San Antonio Children's Museum.

The new 3 and under area at the SACM is really nice, even if I'm convinced it's where we picked up the croup.

Another thing I'm sure of, is my girls love to grocery shop...

and eat...

and play Power Ball...

But above all I'm absolutely positive, I love spending time with my girls!!!

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  1. You make me happy, Jessica. I love reading about your days with the girls and how much you are enjoying them.