Saturday, March 13, 2010

Zoo, Sea World & Fiesta Farm

This weekend has been crazy, so crazy I'm going to tell you about it backwards. On Saturday we spent the afternoon at Fiesta Farm celebrating a friends birthday. Here are the city girls enjoying an old fashion tire-swing.

Brie especially like the farm dog--PLEASE don't get any ideas Brie!

This party was over the top, complete with mining and face painting-- or in Brie's case arm painting.

Briar had a blast too, can you believe she kept this bandanna on the whole time.

Much to my surprise, Brie wasn't afraid to ride the pony!

Or to feed the goats.

Who knew my city girls, love farm life. Although I think I can persuade them to stay in town, especially if they get to make more trips to Sea World like we did Friday!

It was opening day of the Sesame Street show at Sea World Friday, so of course it was canceled due to technical difficulties. Brie was heart-broken, as you can see meeting Zoe didn't even make up for it.

Although they were pretty excited to meet the newest member of the Shamu Show, Baby Shamu. Oh and yes those are HEB Cheddar Whales in the bag, and yes I find it a little disturbing!

Smile big Brie, because you only have one more year to enjoy the block pit!

It seems a little silly that we paid $200 and the girls favorite part of the park was the sandbox, but we're just not going to think about that and enjoy this face instead!

Thursday was another glorious day in San Antonio so we headed across town to check out the new Africa Live exhibit.
Looks like our membership is going to good use, the girls had a great time.

Wonder what next week hold? Hopefully good weather and lots of fun with my precious girls!

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  1. I love that Sea World. R and I might have to go on the Steel Eel, though...grin.