Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Disney On Ice

It's no secret that Robert is frugal. Not the I only buy things on sale frugal, but the I don't buy anything at all frugal. And the longer we're married the more his money management style rubs off on me. However, when it comes to activities for my girls, I splurge.

My girl's have season passes to Sea World, the San Antonio Zoo, the Children's Museum, they go to an art school and have been known to see a few plays at Majik Theater. I spoil them with experiences and this Saturday will be no exception when we see Disney On Ice.

Yes, I bought a few over priced tickets to see a bunch of Disney characters skate around on ice, but I draw the line at paying $10 for a Disney characters on a souvenir cup. Which is why when I found these "over-priced" sippy cups at HEB for a $1.99 I snagged them.

Honestly they're perfect. The girls get something special, I save a ton of money and most importantly they'll be much easier to carry (since I'm taking the girls alone).

I'm confident it'll be easy to get away with bringing our own snacks, but I'm not so sure I'll be able to come home without getting a souvenir wand. Yes, I could just say no and my girl's really would be fine with that (they usually don't fuss over stuff they want), I just don't know if I can say NO. Which is why I picked up this Briar Rose wand, for my Briar.

With this wand in my bag, I'll only have to buy one DOI wand. Hopefully Briar's too young to know the difference and I'll be able to get away with it...if not I may be $40 poorer come Saturday!

How do you spoil your kids?

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