Saturday, May 15, 2010


Volkswalking, ever heard of it? Neither had I, but after today's Walk & Roll event, I'm hooked. In fact it was so much fun the family became members of the American Volkssport Association or AVA.

Basically, Volkswalking is a form of non-competitive fitness walking that was developed in Europe. Participants typically walk 10 k or 6.2 miles on an outdoor path. Then the AVA offer incentive awards like a pin or patch for collecting a certain number of events. Today's event was called the Walk & Roll and it started at Hemisphere Park.

After paying our $10 membership registration fee, picking up our free t-shirts, loading up on free snacks and water we head on our way around San Antonio. After living here for five years we thought we had seen pretty much all that downtown had to offer, like the River Walk

but did you know there is this crazy statue on Laredo?

Or this Korean War Memorial on Jefferson?

Exciting stuff, huh? Well maybe not the most exciting thing ever, but it was fun to discover new things in our city.

The event had a 5k and 10k option, but due to a wrong turn along the way we walked 10k, just not the official 10K only allowing us the 5k stamp in our book. Opps! Although our wrong turn was not made in vain. It allowed us back to the main checkpoint just in time for the raffle. The raffle where we won not one, but TWO prizes.

A family passes to the Witte Museum to see the new Dino Exhibit and Two orchestra seat tickets to the San Antonio Symphony ($125 value), can you tell I was excited?!?!?

Robert seems to think the raffle prizes are what made me fall in love with Volkswalking, but really they had me with the free t-shirts!

Can't wait for next Saturday's event in the King William's District!


  1. You can hardly bear the excitement!!!

  2. That's exciting. We used to volkswalk in Germany. It was so much fun!

    One of these days I will sign in so I don't have to post as anonymous! ---Donna

  3. wow...i didn't know such a thing existed and i am living here for how many years now? i want to give it a try,it makes fitness look non-monotonous.