Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Keep Austin Wierd

I always thought I would want to live in Austin, it's got that "weird, green, granola" lifestyle I glamorize in my mind. However after a recent trip to The Live Music Capital I decided it may not be the city for this uptight, reserved mom of two!

Happily I didn't come to this realization until the end of our trip. Which means my day started off in "Granola Bliss" while having a picnic at Lady Bird Lake.

Then we were off to visit the Texas State Capital. It was my goal to bump into Frank Corte Jr. our State Representative and church deacon, but I had to settle with a message board notifying people that he had a meeting on Tuesday. Exciting stuff I know.

We took the girls into the building, but unfortunately they were too loud. Thanks to Rob taking them outside, I was still able to tour all three rotundas. I even got to snoop around the library, yah for me!

Even though the girls were kicked out of the Capital, they were able to have a Yea Haw of a time in the visitor's center.

After moving our car to a more permanent spot we started walking to 2nd street for some shopping, but first we had to stop and have Robert's picture taken in front of the TDI. Aside from visiting every Sonic in San Antonio in one day, Rob's dream is to have his picture taken at every state's Department of Insurance. Yes we're odd!

Unfortunately the day went downhill from there; second street shopping was too over-priced, sixth street restaurants were not "kid approved" and the park was filled with scary homeless people. The only redeeming activity to the rest of the afternoon was our visit to Whole Foods Market.

A Texas shaped lollipops,

Izze's Clementine Italian Soda,

and a Strawberry Blondie Smoothie can make up for just about anything.

All and all our day in Austin was a great family activity, but for now we'll stay in our family-friendly city named San Antonio!

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  1. Hooray for granola-wanna-be's who still want Cheetos and cute sundresses from Target!