Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look Who's in Town

A couple weeks ago my friend Mary from State College came for a visit. Which means Mary is not just the only person who ever actually comments on my blog, but she's also my only friend to actually visit!! Doesn't that make you feel special Mary?

While Mary was here with her daughter Rachel I tried to soak up as much fun as possible.

Which is why on our first day we ate at Bill Miller!

Strolled along the River Walk!

Posed on a real Alamo canon.

But the real fun didn't come until the weekend, can anyone say Sea World? Of course that was right after my camera bit the big one. Thankfully Mary shared some of her images from the day with me, and us!

Swimming at Lil' Gator

Posing with Clyde or is that Seamore?

Kissing Shamu!

And feeded the seals.
Our weekend with the Seller's girls (minus Libby) was amazing, hopefully they don't wait another six years to visit again!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with these two amazing girls. They are fun to hang out with.

  2. I DO feel special!! Thank you for making me feel so special while I was there. I had such a wonderful, wonderful time!

  3. Hey, I comment sometimes, too!! Glad that you had a fun time. :-) I know how much I've LOVED having some State College visitors since we've moved away.