Monday, September 13, 2010

I'll Have a Drumstick, But Hold the Peanuts

On Saturday I had the scare of a lifetime, my sweet baby Briar went into anaphylatic shock after finding a tiny-tiny peanut leftover from daddy's Drumstick. Thankfully I had an Epipen on hand and with the help of EMS I was able to give her one shaky injection of Epinephrine. I then rushed everyone in the car (minus any shoes) and drove (and cried) like a crazy lady all the way to Children's Hospital 3-5 miles up the road. I was so crazy I even dropped my car off in the over priced valet.

When we arrived Briar looked like this...

While the doctor's were able to stabilize her breathing, they were unable to control her rash. As time went on she began to look like this...

...a sad, sick little Briar.

Her rash had gone from her face, to her trunk, to her feet all with no relief.

After six hours, five medications and lots of diarrhea the doctors finally broke down and gave her another Epipen, and by the grace of God it work.
I took my sleepy Briar home with two lesson's learned. First no peanuts in any form are allowed in our house, second I serve an awesome God. If He can provide protection and provision in the BIG thinks, I should not fear the little things.


  1. Oh. Wow. WOW. Poor little Briar! And praise God!!!! With a zillion exclamation points!

  2. Sweet little Briar! I am so thankfull she is ok! Those pictures of her rash are heartbreaking.

  3. Praise God you had the Epipen. What an ordeal; I am so glad everyone made it through.

  4. Oh sorry you had that scare...I know what it's like to rush a little one to the's only by God's love and protection we even GET there!

    God is awesome and so glad you are all ok!!

  5. Wow that is crazy!! I'm so glad she's ok!! Poor little girl :(