Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just Another Tuesday

Brie started back up at Paint Paper Scissor's today and she was not happy I brought the camera!

("Mom I'm working here, you're making me mess up the colors.")

Briar being almost two was old enough to participate and she was T*H*R*I*L*L*E*D!

(dot, dot, dot--glue, glue, glue)

To celebrate our first day we decided to put our artistic skills to good use by baking a bouquet of flowers.

Brie was such a great help, especially after mommy gave herself a second degree burn (note to self: next time wear a mitt when closing a 350 degree oven rack).

Briar was big helper too she was on sample duty, I mean sprinkle duty.

Now if only I hadn't let them have that last cupcake at 8pm, maybe we would have avoided tonight's snooze cruise.

(sorry about the picture quality the girls dropped my camera and now it's acting up)


  1. Oh, that art class looks like so much fun! And you bake with the girls. Yay for you!!

  2. hey i recognize those flower cupcakes!