Tuesday, October 12, 2010

{What's For Lunch, Bento Style} Halloween Edition

Lately I've been taking full advantage of all my fall baking supplies by making the girls Halloween themed bento lunches. First up is my favorite Spooky Lunch!

Who can resist all this spookiness???

Spider Grilled Cheese with her baby Cupcake Candy Spider

Creepy Fangs (apple slices and white chocolate chips)

Mummy with extra wrappings (mummy marshmallow and shredded string cheese).

Spooky Pasta from World Market complete this very SPOOKY Halloween bento lunch.
Of course since I do this everyday I have a few more lunches to show you.

Pumpkin's Anyone?
-Pumpkin fruit leathers on top of a pumpkin butter sandwich
-Pumpkin peep
-Pumpkin flavored Veggie Chips
-Couscous & Turkey (Not sure how the monkey fits in, but I don't have any fall picks)
Creepy Crawler Lunch:
-Pumpkin shaped pumpkin butter sandwich
-Cat & Bat shaped cheese
-Spiders in a hay stack: cupcake candies & chow mien noodles
-Chicken breast on corn & carrot picks (thought it worked since we were taking this lunch to a pumpkin patch farm)

Hoo's Hungry
-Owl shaped sandwich topped with a fruit leather
-Owl candy atop a brownie
Any suggestions as to what to make next?

1 comment:

  1. Such fun! I think spiders with licorice whip legs? And something with ghosts...white meringue? marshmallows?

    I hope you do an All Saints' Day one with the 12 Apostles! HA HA!!