Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{What's For Lunch Bento Style} More Halloween Fun

I am still making my girl's bento lunches everyday, I'm also still creating their lunch within a Halloween theme. Even though I'm not a big Halloween fans, I can't resist all the opportunities for cuteness the holiday provides.

Take yesterday for example, I made the girls these mummy hot dogs. An idea I found in a Target $1 cookbook. Unfortunately, they hated it. Something about the turkey wrapped around the hot dog being "dirty"!

Thankfully for the girl's I'm an easy mom and I quickly changed their lunch up.

  • Hot dog on fall leaf picks
  • Halloween pasta
  • "Pumpkin" Mandarin Orange
  • Cheese "fingers"
  • Junior mints in an orange silicone cup

Today I tried another new lunch item, spider shaped croutons. I saw this idea a few weeks ago on the blog Another Lunch, but didn't have any plans to make them. Until a batch of my homemade whole wheat bread didn't rise perfectly. Instead of wasting the bread, I decided to bake it and turn it in to yummy croutons for lunches, snacks and stuffing.

Behold today's Halloween bento lunch, Webulious!

  • Spider Web and Spider crouton
  • Left over chicken in an orange silicone cup
  • Cheese squares on a jeweled pick
  • Mummy marshmallows in a mini silicone cup
  • Mandarin orange

Who knows what tomorrow's lunch will holds, but one thing is for sure it'll be cute!