Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let It Snow in Dallas

For months now Brie has been convinced that one can buy enough snow at Target to build a snowman--silly girl! Now, thanks to a trip to Dallas she understands snow falls from the sky. And Brie loves it!!!

Growing up in Michigan I thought I could handle playing outside in 30 degree weather, um, I've acclimated! It was too cold outside for me today.

Thankfully Briar and Blondie (who was a little under dressed) felt the same way, we spent most of our time inside the Nature and Science Museum.

But Brie and Robert had no trouble playing outside like a couple of "crazies"!

I say, "Let It Snow--Just not in San Antonio!!!"


  1. As a transplant from Alaska, I know what you mean about getting acclimated. Still, I took my little darlings out to build a snowman today. Your closing statement reminds me of a George Straight song my mom used to play during the holidays when we lived in San Antonio called "Texas Christmas"..."There may not be snow in San Antonio, but it's a Texas Christmas to me!" Glad your crew got to be in our neck of the woods for the snow day! :o)