Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Muffin Tin Monday} Muffin Cups Only

Vacation or no Vacation, I'm a Muffin Tin Monday girl. This week's theme is Muffin Cups Only, my interpretation is inspired by a What's New Cupcake recipe--Spring Scene!

  • Flower muffin cups filled with mini crackers, shredded cheese, blackberries and bologna
  • Green licorice for the steams
  • Wild flower pieces of bread topped with fruit leathers and edible ink
  • "Love Bug" marshmallow butterfly

It may be snowing outside, but spring is right around the corner--and lunch is served!


  1. Oh my goodness. This is too cute. If only I had a little girl to do this for. Unfortunately I don't think my boys would appreciate it very much.

  2. My daughter looked at this beautiful lunch and said, I wish I could have one like that! Beautiful, thanks for the inspiration. Visiting from

  3. This is so pretty. It looks wonderful. I have never seen green licorice before.

  4. Wow! So pretty! What a great idea! At most I had just toyed with making my liners in a circle shape or something. Nothing as artistic as this!

  5. Can we all just say Adorable?! You muffin meal is almost too pretty to eat! Happy Monday!

  6. This is so pretty! What a creative idea!