Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{What's For Lunch Wednesday} H is for Heart

If bento lunches are all about being neatly packed, than this has got to be my favorite bento box! For $1 one can cutely pack all this nutritious goodness into one neat and tidy box. Seriously, friends forget the Lunchbot, Lock-n-Lock and Planet Boxes meet my new favorite bento box-The Sandwich Packer!

(H is for Heart)

Today's lunch included a half Sun-Butter and jelly sandwich round, topped with Hebrew National salami and cheese hearts. Three blackberries, two cinnamon heart crackers and a handful of bbq chips. And was rounded out with a muffin cup salad and two Valentine's candy corns.

See now why I'm in love with the sandwich packer? All that food in one tiny, one dollar box--Love!

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