Thursday, July 28, 2011

Disney Vacation: Day Seven, Part Three

The third part of our Magic Kingdom day started off by Robert somehow convincing me to ride Space Mountain with him, and because of our VIP access we didn't have to wait in line, that's enough to make a girls smile! Already being in Tomorrowland it was time to go "To Infinity and Beyond",
as one big happy (sweaty and tired) family! Brie did a great job shooting the targets, she scored 7000 point (I happened to get 847,000, but who's counting)!!! After another hike across the park (Grandma Kendra was such a trooper), a trip down Splash Mountain for Dad and Grandpa, everyone was ready for Big Thunder Mountain! Unfortunately, Briar being two inches too short, was forced to sit this one out alone with Grandma (I'm sure that made her oh-so-sad, I think not)! Meanwhile Brie eagerly anticipated a ride on the runaway train with dad! After a last minute switch to mommy's car, Brie was giving Big Thunder Mountain a great big thumbs up! Next it was Grandpa's turn to pick a ride, again unfortunately for Briar, Brie thought her sister chose the slow, hot river boat ride and shouted, "Briar, you're not allowed to pick out the rides anymore!" Briar just smiled, continued to play with her Minnie and responded, "I know, why this boat not go fast"--Needless to say that was the last ride Grandpa picked! However, it's a good thing Grandma convinced Rob to get on It's a Small World after all, because it was hit among both girls! Although Robert is now convince he needs a shirt that say, "I survived, It's a Small World After All"! Now we are rapidly approaching the end of our day at Magic Kindgdom, almost as fast as Brie approached the Tommorowland Speedway finish line! Before we knew it everyone was parked in front of Townhall, eating Light-Up Minnie Suckers, watching the Disney Electrical Parade,and enjoying the ending to a perfectly magical day at Disney!

A dream come true!

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