Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Disney Vacation: Day Seven, Part Two

After a quick walk back to Fantasyland, we found our full bellies in line for Peter Pan's Flight. By far my favorite ride,

the Disney Imagineers did a great job of capturing one of my favorite childhood stories into a short ride! Brie and Briar certainly thought so too!

By now it was time to split up, Grandpa and Robert headed over to Splash Mountain, while us ladies went on a Princess hunt. Making a few pit stops with The Fairy Godmother! And Daisy Duck! Daisy seemed to be taken with Briar, first she stole her umbrella in line, and then wanted to trade bracelets. Briar wasn't having any of it, the girl was sticking with her own shiny bling!

Before we knew it we had met no Princesses, Grandpa and Dad were back and we riding the Disney train, and eating Mickey Ice Creams,

Did I mention how excited everyone was over their Mickey Ice Cream??? Best $10.50 I ever spent! Soon after the amazing ice cream, came the best moment of the entire week....

Briar meeting Briar Rose--Briar ran right up to her and said, "My name Briar Rose, like you!!!" and the character did an great job of responding, "Oh sweet Briar, I do miss my fairy friends dearly, they did a great job of raising me, but I am oh-so-glad I met my Prince Charming!" After last weeks experience I don't think there is any chance of convincing Briar her real name is Briar Noelle! Next up was Belle, one of Brie's favorite, "because she likes to read books, like me"! I could look at those smiles everyday, LOVE! And finally we met Cinderella, where she danced with us, and smiles with us, and excited us even more for Friday's Royal Dinner!

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