Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disney Vacation: The Morning of Day Six

Looking back I think Wednesday was my favorite day of our entire Disney trip. At first I thought it was because the chef at the Cape May Cafe created gluten-free Mickey Waffles just for me!Four really yummy gluten-free Mickey Waffles! However, it was seeing the excitement and anticipation on the girls faces that did it for me. They were so cute as we waited to be seated for our breakfast with Minnie, Donald and Goofy (Yes we arrived an hour early here too)! The girls were even cuter when we actually meet our friends! Just look at those smiles!!!! And yes, mom junped into a few pictures! The girls were star-struck by their favorite characters! Brie even insisted on her Minnie being in the picture with MinnieGoofy on the other hand was a little scary for Briar, apparently she didn't like his "pokes" a.k.a. whiskers. Of course with a smile like that, I don't think she minded too much his kiss on the head!Surprisingly Brie had no trouble standing for a picture, she really came out of her shell this week!

After our deliciously entertaining breakfast Grandpa Chuck ("My Twin" as Robert and Kendra liked to refer to dad as) scored us "free" VIP access cards to Magic Kingdom. All we had to do is sit through a Disney Vacation Club timeshare presentation. After ninety minutes, a few insults and a bowl of free ice cream we were ready for a line-free day at Magic Kingdom!


  1. the girls look soooo happy! it was all worth it just to see those faces!!!!!!!!!

  2. ok,if listening to 90 mins of presentation results into 3 days of VIP access ,i am all for it seriousely...Isn't Disney wonderful?i love that place...and i am sooooooo glad you all got to experience it.