Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disney Vacation: The Evening of Day Sx

After our fun little timeshare presentation the family headed to dinner at Fuddrucker, where I do not recommend their coleslaw! Once seated we were approached by a "balloon guy" asking if the girls wanted one of his creations. Before I could say no, Brie was requesting a flower. And Briar a crown. Oh well, it was vacation! Fuddruckers just so happened to be located across the street from Downtown Disney, so we decided to make another visit. This time to roam and watch, instead of shop. Brie found a nice quaint square of grass to chill on! It was the perfect view for watching Disney's hot air balloon ride (I'm too lazy to look up it's real name) soar! It was also a great place to run, getting all our wiggles out! Until someone falls and gets hurtthen we needed another trip to World of Disney and a sprinkle of Pixie Dust to feel better!

Tomorrow: Magic Kingdom, the day I waited my whole life for!

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