Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{30 Days of Intentional Acts Of Kindness} Operation Gratitude

"Random Acts of Kindness" are all the buzz around the holiday season, but one blogging mom had the genius idea of training ones kids to enjoy "Intentional Acts of Kindness".  I loved the idea so much I joined her 30 day campaign to perform thirty intentional acts of kindness with my kids.  All through November Brie, Briar and I will be working on character building by using scripture to find opportunities to be kind.

For the next few days I'm focusing on generosity.  Earlier in the school year the girls memorized 2 Corinthians 9:7, "God loves a cheerful giver", today we cheerfully donated our Halloween candy to Operation Gratitude.
We started by piling five pounds of candy, yes that's right, five pounds of candy into a bowl!  After reviewing our bible verse and explaining why we were donating our candy to Operation Gratitude, the girls selected 15 pieces of candy to keep.
 Then I added a quick math lesson by having Brie count, sort and categorize her selections.
 I think she did a pretty good job! 
 Next we were off to our drop site Dr. Bob's dentist office. 
There the Tooth Fairy weighed our candy (we declined our $1 per pound exchange) and the girls emptied their bags into a big red bucket.  Upon leaving, Brie spoke up saying "Mom, I'm glad we could share our candy, because I don't need that much candy".  Shepherding their hearts, that's what this campaign is all about for me.  May God mold their hearts to be cheerful givers!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you're joining us!!! What a special way to start off the month!!!

  2. What a great idea! And I love that the dentist is the one that takes the candy:) Thanks for sharing your intentional acts of kindness journey!