Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Brie's 5th Birthday Party

Five is knocking on Brie's door, in fact the major milestone arrives tomorrow for our little Brieto!  To celebrate I hosted our last play date birthday party before The Gang go off to school next year (sniff, sniff).
As usual Brie was her charming self, 
full of social graces,
and excellent table manner!
Um, not exactly!  Apparently no one informed me when little girls turn five, they also turn on the drama! 
None the less, we survived our morning of American Girl Pajama Fun!
With cupcakes,
Krispie Kreme Donuts,
Breakfast Tacos,
lots of candy bags,

and one super-cute place setting, hand picked by Brie herself--gotta love that blue table cloth too (wink, wink Robert)!
Of course no birthday party is complete with out friends to share it with, thanks Gabriel and Daniel....
Joshua (sorry bubba, next time I won't take a picture of you while enjoying a donut),
and little sister for sharing in Brie's special day, even if "the party was too rowdy for [Brie]"!!!!

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