Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let's Party

It is of my opinion that birthdays are meant to be celebrated,
 even if they are not ones own.
Which is why the whole family teamed up to celebrate Brie's birthday.
 No one could believe it was time to put five candles in her cupcake, she's growing up too fast!
 I mean Brie's big enough to cruise around on a Razor scooter,
 squeal over Squinkies,
 and take care of a Fur Real pet.
Oh wait, I mean this "For Real" pet, Ottie.  Brie's brand new guinea pig, I'm truly a softy!
Of course with smiles like that who can resist spoiling her with...
parties, presents and pets.  I can't.  Happy Birthday Brie, you make my heart sing with joy!

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