Sunday, February 5, 2012


Yes, my husband takes his girls to the ballet,
and yes I love him a little more for it!
On Saturday Robert took all three of us Dohner ladies to see Coppelia performed by the San Antonio Ballet, and boy was it ever special.  The ballet was really funny, the dancing was good and the Briar quotes were priceless.  While enjoying the performance Briar whispered to me, "Mom when I grow up I don't want to dance like those girls, I want to dance like THAT girl", pointing to Sarah the principal dancer.  I really hope her dream comes true!

After the show Brie twisted our arms into having pizza for dinner.
It's a good thing Rome's is not fancy, because there was a whole lot of snuggling, and....
horse play going on!
It was pretty much the best way to end another awesome day as a family.  I'm truly blessed!

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