Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pink The Rink

It's time for another Friday Family Fun Day post, because well, this Dohner family loves to have fun together.  In an effort to create well-rounded girls, Robert and I felt a Rampage hockey game was in order. With this Friday being a special Pink The Rink Night to support breast cancer research we couldn't resist buying tickets.
But sadly, much to Briar's dismay the ice wasn't that pink!
Thankfully it was the only disappointment of the night (aside from the score), because we brought along our good friends The Constantes to share in the fun.
Now truth be told, the guys went to the game to watch it's excitement, a hockey game is the only time you'll ever see my husband get rowdy.
The ladies went to visit and laugh, laugh a lot.
Briar went to snuggle with momma, it's her favorite thing in the whole wide world to do!
Brie went to hang out with her dad...hey who's that monkey on Rob's back?
Oh yeah, his future son-in-law Gabriel--I hope Gabe doesn't mind marrying someone taller?
And well, everyone went for the junk food, it was $1 night after all!!!
But one thing is for sure, no one went to listen to these fools scream profanities all night.
It's a good thing this momma had no problem telling a couple of fan to "watch your language", it's also a good thing the were respectful enough of the kids to cool it, because I would have been sad to leave such a fun night so early!

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  1. I'm not sure Brie likes the arranged marriage plan. Her face doesn't agree with her Dad's! LOL! Looks like you guys had a blast! We miss you guys and I love your glasses!