Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disney World 2012, Day One

Disney World is so magical the bumps in the road getting there are worth it, right?
 Last Sunday the girls and I headed out to Orlando, FL to meet my mother for a Disney World vacation, princess style.  Unfortunately there was nothing royal about our two hours delayed flight, and turbulent ride over the stormy gulf.
 After my poor mom waited four hours at the MCO airport, we finally met up with her.   Everyone was ready and willing to start the fun, so we picked up our rental car, got on the express way, got off the express way and called Road Side Assistance.  Yep, we were ready for some fun alright.  Some how we ended up with a manual transmission in our full-size sedan, not an automatic.  And well, neither of us know how to drive a manual, had you been behind me on the FL toll that would have been made very clear.  Sigh, after another two hour delay we finally arrived at the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort in an automatic Chevy Impala.
 Now it was time to have some real fun,
 and some food.  No one had eaten since 8am, and the resort food court seemed a good choice, after a long day.
 Wrong, lets just say we passed on the Old Royale Food Court after the first night.  Never fear though, the pool made up for our yucky philly cheese steak sandwiches.
 And after a long, dramatic day,
 we needed a little fun,
and excitement to make the day worth the hassle.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea you had that much drama on the first day!

    I LOVE your pictures!!