Friday, April 27, 2012

Disney World 2012, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Originally we had planned to spend Monday at Magic Kingdom, but after our hectic first day we decided to take advantage of Disney's Hollywood Studios convenient location and their 10pm to 1am Extra Magic Hours.
 With a new plan in place, we quickly arrived at the park,
once inside "pillow case" and the girls were ready to have some fun.
A visit with Chip & Dale was first on the agenda.  I love characters, but I especially love the characters on the girl's "wish list"!  Brie's a big fan of these little guys.
 Next it was off to the Little Mermaid Voyage, a spectacular show.
 Then we hoped in line for the Great Movie Ride,
 and another show I've already forgotten the name of.
 Before long we stumbled upon some more characters.  Unfortunately the Monster Inc. friends were not on the girls wish list, thankfully Grandma was there to help ease their nerves.
 The Honey I Shrunk The Kids attraction, made up for all Mike and Sully lacked, it was by far the girls favorite activity all day.
 The climbing, sliding, and
 climbing and sliding really brought the smiles to Brie and Briar's faces.
With that being said, Phineas and Ferb came in as a close second.  See that wave, Brie may not be smiling, but the wave says a lot.  It's my reassurance that she was trilled to meet her favorite Disney duo.
 Guess what?  They're my favorite duo too, so naturally I was sure to jump in a couple snap shots with them!
 Muppet's anyone???  How about Muppet's 3D?? 
 It was another one of my favorite Hollywood Studios shows.  I love me some Muppets, in fact I had to stop myself from buying my own personal Miss Piggy stuffy.
Now if they sold this poster in the gift shop, nothing would have stopped me from swiping my MasterCard.  Instead I had to settle on a photo for Robert.  It is "our show" after all.
 With three o'clock rapidly approaching we found a spot on the main street curb, bought $20 in Mickey balloons, sipped a couple of slushies, and began to wait for the afternoon parade.
Little did we know, we arrived in time for the "Flash Mob", 
Briar loved doing The Hustle in the middle of main street.  Isn't she cute?!?

After the parade we decided it was time for a break, so we headed out for dinner and a dip in the pool.
 Returning to Hollywood Studios just in time for Fantasmic, 
 and it was well worth the return.
 Thanks to being late for the fireworks, we were able to escape the exiting crowd, and quickly hop into line for the Buzz and Woody meet and greet.
They even signed our books, or stamped in Buzz's case.

Remeber those Extra Magic Hours I talked about in the beginning of this post?  Well thanks to a "Mom, stop dragging me everywhere.  Let's go home" melt down, we decided to call it a night at 10:30, oh well no Toy Story Mania ride for us this year!

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