Sunday, June 3, 2012

SPI, Day Three

Briar is an early riser, but on day three of our trip she woke up extra early.  So while daddy and  Brieto slept in, Briar and I enjoyed a yummy breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  Their omelets were Y*U*M*M*O!
Once the entire family was up, we lathered up with sunscreen and headed down for our morning on the beach.
This time there was a lot more sand play, than water play, silly crabs story!
Although every now and then, Briar would go on what she called a "Bubble Attack", look at how brave she was (wink, wink)!
But, mainly their was a lot of time spent building sand castles,
and blowing bubbles.  FYI, colored bubbles are best used on the beach, mess free!
Before long it was noon, time to clean up for lunch, and small cat nap!

Did I say lunch?  We decided Cap'n Roy's was good enough to revisit, doesn't this look yummy!
After hearing so many great things about the Sea Turtle Hospital, we decided the $8 was worth a peek.
Brie, my animal lover, enjoyed the place very much.  She kept asking things like, "What's wrong with this one?", "How?", "Why?", "When?" and my favorite, "Can we buy one?".  Maybe someday she'll grow up to be a Turtle Doctor herself.
Our favorite tank held, this big guy.  I think his name was "Christmas", for he was found Christmas day.

The girls felt compelled to show him their own sea turtles, Sheldon the stuffy and Briar's sea turtle hair wrap charm.  Ahh, to be a kid again.  I love how this picture captures the imagination of childhood.
I even wanted a picture with our sea turtle friend, I think Brie did a decent job capturing the picture, right?!?
After saying our turtle goodbyes, we purchased two sea turtle stuffies, and headed back to the hotel for a real nap, and dip in the pool!
All the days play made us hungry for hot dogs on the beach.
Grilling dinner on the beach felt so American, so relaxing, and my favorite experience of the entire week.
Dinner on the beach also lent itself to lots of water wading,
bucket filling,
and castle building.
Oh and S'mores, lots and lots of S'mores!

Soon the sun began to set, Briar became hysterical in fear of the nightly crabs, and we headed back to the Hilton, ending another page in our memory making week!

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