Saturday, June 2, 2012

SPI, Day Two

After realizing we had left our cell phones and lap tops under the seat of our Civic, uh, back at the dealership, we decided to take full advantage by making our time on SPI an "unplugged" family vacation.
It was so liberating, we've decided to "unplug" all our family vacations, by leaving everything distracting from our time together at home!
The start of day two on the island was the beginning of a well crafted routine.  Breakfast on the balcony was always a relaxing way to start ones day!  Here Brie is enjoying a Nutragrain Bar and a bag of apple slices.
Then after spending 45 minutes applying sunscreen, we would walk down to the beach and steak out our place in the sand.
Briar immediately was intimidated by the ocean, and settled with happiness in the sand.
Brie on the other hand, had the boogie board attached before we could unload the wagon.
She even caught a few sweet waves!  But sadly her 'no fear' for the ocean would change the next day, after a local told her all about the crabs that come out of the ocean at night.  This would be a story that lived to haunt the girls all week long.
At least I have one day of swimming in the ocean with Brieto to remember,
 and daddy has his sand sculptures with Briar to remember.
A quick rinse in the hotel pool, a fresh change of clothes and short drive down the stripe landed us at Cap'n Roy's.  A lunch joint that came highly recommended.  A very good recommendation at that, for their blackened fish and shrimp were divine.
While there we asked our waiter if he knew of any places on the island to get ones hair wrapped and beaded.  Thankfully, he was in the know of a local hot spot for just that, K's Beads.
So we headed right over,
and indeed it was a hot spot.
We waited two hours with a few local high school families from Port Isabel to get the girl's hair wrapped.
But you know what?  The time and $45 was worth the experience!  It was a lot of fun to visit with the locals, you learn a lot of great tips that way.  Like, stay away from the border!
Then it was back to the pool for more fun in the sun.
When we were sufficiently pruned we cleaned up again and headed out to dinner, this time at Daddy's (not our favorite)!
Dairy Queen for dessert became a regular happenstance for this family,
however nighly beack walks, did not!  Remember that "crab story" I talked about earlier, well it made Briar literally FREAKED OUT by the beach at night.
Instead our nightly routine became jammies, Goldfish S'mores, and daddy's beloved "Laura Stories"!

Awh, another fabulous day with my family for the memory book!


  1. How fun!

    When I was probably 10, we'd drive down the beach (in Mom's van) with the doors open and our flash lights out, and we'd look for crabs. If we found one (you can see their eyes reflect the light), we'd jump out and see how close we could get to it!

  2. Yep, that's pretty much the story the locals told. Scared the girls to pieces!