Saturday, June 30, 2012

Zoo Camp Comes To An End

Our last day at Zoo Camp was all about, Texas Native Reptiles.
However, the day did not start out as usually.  On this day we arrived extra early, like 7am early.  It was the perfect hour to catch some actvity from a few of our favorite animals.
Papa Duck was especially active this morning.
He was a mission, unlike the flamigos, they were just standing around.
Arriving early was also an opportunity to take lots of family photos, Brie LOVED this idea, right?
Somehow two hours flew by, and we were ready for some Reptile Round-Up.
Did you know that the Texas Coral Snake has mutated?  Yep, some are black now.  Beware!
But our favorite Texas reptile is the lizard,
his camoflauge is so cool!
Too bad that camoflauge kept us from finding our very own lizard.
No matter how hard we looked, the girls just couldn't find one.
Lizard or not, we had an awesome week at Tiny Tots Zoo Camp with all our new friends.
Now onto Theater Camp, Art Camp, Sea World Camp, and lots and lots more blogs.

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