Sunday, July 8, 2012

Samuel, The One I Requested

Gasp, the unimaginable has happened,
we adopted an one year old rescue dog, Samuel Choo-Choo Dohner, Sammy Choo for short!
Since having to give away our guinea pig six months ago, the girls have been non stop with their prayers and requests for a dog.
Reluctantly, we caved, and adopted the girls a furry brother!
Sammy started off a sad soul,
but quickly he bonded. 
For the first time I see why people find dogs so enduring, already Sammy's become a loving, loyal member of our family.
The girls are eagerly learning the life lessons involved in caring for an animal.
With a little time and vigilance, it is my prayer Sammy will be a great addition to our family, a decision I won't live to regret!