Saturday, July 14, 2012

Camp Showbiz Week One

Week One of Camp Showbiz is complete, and I'm so proud of my little thespian.
On day one I received a detailed report from Brie about her day, "Mom, I got to see the whole theater. Did you know there is a basement? That's where Mr. Richards office is. And upstairs is the girl's room, that's my class room.  I didn't touch the makeup, but the boys did, why don't boys listen?  Ms. Becky is my teacher she's Fly Girl, and Trixie" all in one long sentence!  My shy, sad, timid little girl, was full enthusiasm. 
That is when I knew it was going to be a great two weeks!
The next day I sent her off with a side ponytail, just like Avery her teacher had yesterday.  When I picked her up she still had the ponytial, but she also had the song Boom Chicka Boom stuck in her head.  Brie sang it over and over and over again, much to Briar's chagrin.  In between "oh yeahs", I received another play back of the day, "Today we made an Act, I'm a Kitty Cat Pigeon, there's also a Pirate Pigeon, a Pirate Helper Pigeon, and a Luke Skywalker Pigeon in the Act.  Mom, what's a Luke Skywalker?"  Can I just say, I'm so glad I have girls!
Day three was filled with more stories,  "Mom, today we worked on our script,  But I forgot it."  Good thing she wasn't actually suppose to bring it home.  "We also made a volcano today out of wood, but we didn't glue it or nail it, we taped it."  I wonder how that will hold up???  "Mom,  I need you to make me a cat costume for the last day, maybe you can do it in the middle of the night!"  Yes, because that's what Mom's do, whip up costumes in the middle of the night!
By day four, the only news from the day I learned was "The boys burp a lot, but I don't, I just hiccup".  Again, so glad I have girls!
Day five was Freaky Friday, Brie created a Freaky Kitty costume to celebrate the day. I guess mom's do whip up costumes in the middle of the night!  What a cutie! 

When I picked her up, Brieto asked, "Mom do you know who Adelle is?  I usually like her songs, but when Apollo sang it today it was way too loud." (Chuckle, Chuckle).  "Mom did you know the volcano we made was suppose to be brown and red, but the grown ups made it all different colors." Seriously, I can't get enough of her little stories, so, so, fun!  Can't wait to see what funny tles week two holds, and so thankful to have this blog to record her little memories!

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