Monday, July 16, 2012

Let's Get Messy, Day One

What three year old doesn't like to get messy?
Briar sure does, especially while at the Children's Museum's Art Camp.
The day started off with a progressive, multi-media canvas.
We then moved onto a sensory activity, allowing the kids to color a ball of play-doh based on the scent they perceive.  I was amazed how Briar came up with purple for lavender, not knowing what lavender smells like.  Here she is working on an orange scented ball of dough.
After a snack we moved onto a super cool project involving squirt guns, water colors, and a great big mess!
However, my favorite project of the day was a very cool shaving cream, watercolor print,
the end result was very pretty!
After completing a few more projects we ate our lunch, toured the museum, and headed to a downtown Starbucks to kill some time before picking sister up from the Magik Theater.
It was the perfect way to spend Mommy & Me time with Briar, looking forward to our week of messes!

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