Sunday, October 7, 2012

{Mermaid Birthday Party} The Details: The Cakes

My favorite part about throwing my girls a Birthday Party, is creating a beautiful dessert table for them.
 The cake is often where my inspiration starts.
Then I progress to the cupcakes,
and before I know it I've come up with ideas for treat after treat.
Leaving me up to my ears in icing, and the girls in awe of their momma's talent.
Now since my inspiration often starts with a cake, this The Details post will as well.
My first party purchase was this personalized Mermaid Cake Topper.  
I found it on Etsy at a reasonable price, and it's cuteness just screamed "EeeK"!
Next I needed to decide how to decorate the cake.  Thanks to a little help from Pinterest, I choose a four layer, 8in round, rainbow blue cake. 
I iced the beast with a pipping bag, large tip and two shade of blue buttercream.  After adding a few fondant seashells and crushed graham crakers the cake was complete.  Truely the easiest cake I ever made.
 The cupcakes were also very simple.  Blue buttercream, white liner, pearl sprinkles, candy fish, and an Etsy Mermaid pick.  Simple, yet they eek cuteness too.
Finally, as if our guest had not eaten enough cake everyone went home with their very own "Fish In A Bag".  A simple cupcake, gently placed in a 9in clear plastic cup.  Once inside the cup, I piped the cake with icing, added a candy fish, and sealed the cupcake with basket wrap.  Instant "Fish In A Bag".
Three cakes perfect for my Briar's Mermaid Party.

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  1. It all looked wonderful! I really love how the layered cake turned out!