Monday, October 8, 2012

{Mermaid Birthday Party} The Details: The Treats

In addition to cake, we had lots of tasty treats at Briar's birthday party.
Numerous Under The Sea treats, which without Pinterest I would have never thought of.  Man that site is awesome. Squeee!
We had everything from pudding cups,
to Oyster Cookies (Don't those gumball pearls make you want to smile?).
There were Sand Dollar Cookies (Cookies that may border on Pintrocity status.),
and oh so adorable Marshmallow Pop!
These jewles were my favorite creation of the day.
The little bubbles make my heart skip a beat. 
And finally, we had good ole' fashion Salt Water Taffy to send home with all the kiddos.

Pinterest, how would I throw a party without you!

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  1. Can you tell me what exactly you used for the oyster shell? They look like Nilla wafers. Also, did you have to order those pearl gumballs or did you find them at a store? Thanks!