Monday, October 8, 2012

{Mermaid Birthday Party} The Details: The Games

We didn't just serve up treats at Briar's Mermaid Birthday Party, we delievered fun and entertainment too.
We had a yard full of giggly kids,
 jumping in a giant bounce house. 
Can you say, "Bonus Points For Momma?!?"
In addition to the Moon Bounce we planned a few games for the day.
Thanks to the help of my husband, Robert we created a custom Pin The Bow On The Mermaid Game.
There is something about spinning a child around and watching them stumble that make me chuckle.
This board cracks me up!
Our second game sent the kids on an adventure to retrieve a Treasure Pail.
You see The Evil Pirate (insert Daddy) has stolen the pail of goodies...
The only way to get the treasure back,
was to remove his protective starfish.
Once all the stars were removed The Evil Pirate was too weak to withstand the mobs of kids,
leaving him no choice but to return the treasure,
spilling candy for everyone to enjoy!!!
A little odd, yes.  Did the kids care, no.  Sometimes I think the silliest of games, are the most well received.

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