Thursday, December 20, 2012

AWANA Christmas Program

Since I was last night's MC for the AWANA Christmas Program, Robert was left to be Mr. Photographer.  A skill he willingly admits he does not have.  Therefore, we'll all have to take a little creative licence in this post.
 Briar is my sweet Cubbie. 
 Last night she sang, Away In The Manger with her Cubbie Class,
 and shared a Candy Cane poem about Jesus.
 Way to go Rooney!

 Brie is my spunky little Sparkie.
 Brie had an opportunity to share a name of Jesus, Bread of Life.
As well as, sing Joy to the World with all her Sparks Friends.
Way to go Brieto!

Much thanks to everyone who helps make AWANA the great children's program it is.

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