Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Truth in the Tinsel} Weekly-Round-Up

My Weekend Round Up turned into a Weekly-And-Then-Some Round Up.  I may not have time to blog about our Truth in the Tinsel experience, but that hasn't stopped us from making our daily ornaments.  Here is a recap of how we have been preparing our hearts the last several days.
Day Nine, Joseph. 
Joseph was a righteous man.

 Day Ten, Joseph's Dream. 
Joseph obeyed what God commanded in his dream.

Day Eleven, Jesus' Name. 
Joseph is instructed to name Mary's child, Jesus, The Name Above All Names.
 Day Twelve, Census. 
Two special people (Mary and Joseph) in a town of many others.
 Day Thirteen, Bethlehem. 
Jesus, The Bread Of Life was born in The House of Bread.
 Day Fourteen, Stable. 
A reminder that we need to make room in our hearts for Jesus.

Day Fifteen, Manger. 
The King of Kings and Lord of Lords first bed was a lowly manger, how is that for humility?
 Day Sixteen, Cloths. 
The swaddling clothes were a sign for the shepherds.

Day Seventeen, Sheep. 
Jesus is our shepherd, we are His sheep.

Day Eighteen, Angels. 
The angel choir sang a beautiful song of "Glory to God in the highest..."
Day Nineteen, Shepherds. 
 This shepherds arms are raised high in praise and adoration to God, in seeing the baby, Jesus Christ.

Day Twenty, Temple. 
Simeon and Anna recognized The Messiah, and began singing praise to God.

Only four more days to go.  Can't wait until we get to Day Twenty Four, The Cross.  I am looking forward to sharing with my girls the true meaning of Christmas.  Jesus was born for The Cross!

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