Thursday, December 6, 2012

{Truth in the Tinsel} Day Six, Mary & Elizabeth

"If you are happy and you know it, jump for joy!"
That is exactly what Elizabeth's baby did, when the unborn Son of God entered the room.
Can you say, "Ahhhh-Mazing"?
Honestly, the passage of Luke 1:26-38 is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas story.
Having had a few babies in my tummy, the thought of John leaping within his mother at the presence of Jesus humbles me.
To think that Jesus' holiness is so grand that even an unborn child knew He was indeed our Saviour.
As Briar put it this morning, "Mary's belly needs a cross, because Jesus came to die on the cross.".  Humbling to think John leaped for joy as the tiniest baby, what am I doing to show the joy I have received because of the cross?  I hope you can finds way this weekend to share the joy we have in Christ Jesus, I am!

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