Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Truth in the Tinsel} A Weekend Round-Up

This is what I like to call a, Truth in the Tinsel Weekend Round-Up.

Day Seven (Luke 1:46-56) we decorated a CD in honor of Mary's Song of Praise.
Can you imagine having The Light Of The World, inside you?  I can't. Praise God for giving Jesus a mother who loved the Lord.

Day Eight (Luke 1:57-80) we created an ornament to remind us that Jesus is The Rising Sun, just as Zechariah prophesied.
I love how this passage shows us God loves people individually.  God used a lack of speech to grow Zechariah’s faith.  What an example of how we too can be transform by a relationship with Christ.

Day Nine's (Matthew 1: 18-24) focus was on Joseph, a righteous man.
Joseph did just as Gabriel instructed, he took the wisdom he gained from fearing The Lord and used it to have faith in God's plan.  Can you imagine being the earthly father of a Holy God?  Again, I can't. So thankful for the example of righteous parents Mary & Joseph are.  I pray that Robert and I can be the same example to our girls.

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