Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Staycation: Day Three

Day Three: San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Our third day on vacation was just as hot as our second, actually it was hotter, we chose the hottest June 29th on record to visit the gardens. Even though it was hot we had a great time, correction, Robert had a great time.

Brie did enjoy looking at the flowers but...

She was much happier when her dad showed her how to create her own shade.

We even found a shaded area that over looked a "lake".

Briar decided she needed a break from the heat with a cup of water.

Then Brie decided her sister needed some company.

I'm a big fan of botanical gardens, however I definitely think it is not a summer activity. The only thing that got me through the morning was a promise of lunch & cheesecake at the New York Cheesecake Factory. My dessert was worth the trip, but our next visit will have to wait for the fall.


  1. oh - this is so fun hearing about your trips! We haven't been to the expansion, but have heard it is nice. It is one of jon's projects so we'll definitely have to go sometime. LOVE your dress from day 2. the pic of Rob with the umbrella is brillant!

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm so not a heat girl. The summer heat in TN about makes me melt. Do you guys have humidity down there or is it just a dry heat? Ugh, I feel for you! You're one trooper, that's for sure!