Monday, September 14, 2009

Baking, Bacon and Babysitting

Rob's birthday is tomorrow and I've been busy making the day special. We're having BLT's tonight for dinner, a rare treat in our house. In addition I made many homemade-from scratch baked goodness.

Toasted Coconut Sour Cream Cake

A treat for him and his co-workers (I hope he sneaks me home a piece).

Chocolate Pistachio Cake

A treat for us, tonight, yes a day early!

Bakerella Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies--

Semi-Scratch, nee Gaunche (Rob dislikes chocolate frosting).

But wait there's more...No not food, but treats.

Rob's parents are in town and treated Rob to a night on the town with his babe. They got us a hotel on the Riverwalk, spending money for a romantic meal and more, along with free babysitting. I love it when Rob's gifts carry over to Jess's gifts. Thanks Chuck and Kendra!


  1. Oh, wow! A night on the Riverwalk--with no kids and no curfew! WHOOOO! And you have been a baking fiend. Good for you. Poor James got a late-night meeting, house full of teenagers, a from-a-box cake, and and two ties, two shirts, and a pair of slippers.

    Happy Birthday to El Mano!

  2. Dang, those treats looked tasty! You can send any leftovers you don't want to Nashville. ;)