Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday Night Fun

I love fall, even fall in Texas. If I'm being honest fall in Texas isn't much of a fall, but us native Michigander are trying to make the best of it. How are we doing that? By leaving the city. This weekend Robert took a break for his CRAZY study schedule and we headed out for a family trip to Hondo's, South Texas Maze.

We had several chances to take pictures of the girls. Unfortunately none are of both girls looking.

After we took a few pictures we rode a hay rice to the pumpkin patch. This is where Robert informed Brie we would not buy a pumpkin, just look. (He thinks HEB pumpkins are cheaper.)

Once we were in the patch, Brie's sweet smile was too much for Robert to resist. Therefore we came home with this perfect, plumply, dumply pumpkin.

Soon after the hay ride we made our way into the rodeo themed corn maze. Brie was having a ball running along the path.

Briar enjoyed her stroll as well.

Eventually we discover our way out, with just enough daylight to enjoy the playground. It was there I took my last chance at a great picture. This what I got.

Someday we'll all be looking.
Friday night holds many memories I'll treasure for years. I thank God for my wonderful family and His work on our lives.

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