Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's Play!

Once we arrived in Buffalo we spent a week visiting Grandpa on his (animal-less) farm. And what joy it was for Grandpa and I to watch the girls play, play hard! What did they do, you ask?

They spent many hours playing "house" on the front porch.

Brie recieved the rare opportunity to paint her finger nails pink.

Briar played lots and lots of ball.

Everyone splurged on Sonic Slushes.

Sometimes two!

Our kite was flewn a few times.

Barbie sure does sparkle in the sky!

Brie & Briar even had a tea party at Aunt Mary's house, what little ladies!

But most of all the girls explored (Briar always two steps behind Brie),

pushed their buggies around,

and ate lots and lots of Cheetos.

Come back tomorrow to see pictures of our time at the Dickerson Zoo--you may see a giraffe getting fresh with Brie!