Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall

There is only one way to spend the first day of fall--playing at the park. Especially if you live in San Antonio. And definitely if you are a wild, monkey of a Dohner girl!

So today we pushed mom's nerves by climbing up ladders,

and rock walls.
We zoomed down one slide,
and zipped down another.
We swung ourselves across monkey bars,

and pulled ourselves up on beams.

We climbed trees,

ate snacks,

drank juice,

and generally had a fabulous time.
I always love it when the weather cools off, then my monkeys can tear up the park--not my house!


  1. Was that the park we went to with you? I just love every one of your blog entries!

  2. It is the park we went to, minus the sandbox. Worms, ewew!