Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dia De Amor

Dia De Amor has come a long way in our household. It has gone from an "Oops I forgot Valentines Day, well actually more I didn't realize it was so important here's a new holiday just for us" kind of day, to a full fledged let's celebrate our love kind of day!

That's right folks for our 10th DDA we had some serious Dohner fun! Robert treated his girls to a night on the town. Complete with Dinner, Dessert and a trip to the Majik Theater!

For dinner we tried a new pizza parlor called Goomba's, it was a hit with Briar!

Krispie Kreme donuts were our dessert, almost better than homemade cupcakes.

And If You Give A Pig A Party was this months musical at the Majik Theater!

With this being the fifth show of the season we have really mastered the downtown parking scene. So much so we scored a free meter within walking distance, again. The girls always love the stroll!

Once inside we settled into our row "D" seats, but tonight "D" wasn't just for Dohner, it was for Dia De Amor too!

After everyone laughed until they couldn't laugh any more,
we stood in line for autographs and GUESS WHAT?

Brie actually smiled for a picture with a cast member-- it appears Brandi is not only my favorite actress, but Brie's as well!

Of course once the musical was over the girls wasted no time reminding Dad it was time to open presents.

Briar loved the shoes Daddy bought her...Go Figure?!?

Brie was in love with hers too!

Momma was thrilled with her Starbucks gift card. Nom, nom, nom!
And El Mano was surprised his little helpers opened a brand new...


Now one no longer need a PhD to make toast in our house! Bye-bye complicated toaster oven, hello $10 toaster!!!
What a fabulous Dia De Amor with my fabulous family! I love each and everyone of them, and all our quirky ways!


  1. 1) if you hair gets any cuter I'm going to scream.
    2) love the girls dresses
    3) where can I get a dia de amor????

  2. Now this looks like a super fun time! A Starbucks card, fun shoes, Krispie Cremes and a fun day at the theater...what a great line up!

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