Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Feel Like A Hot Dog!

At the beginning of this year Robert and I made a commitment to save more money. Actually it was really a commitment to spend less money, since we're already big savers. Brie has a lot of medical expenses and it was our goal to still save while paying for those outrageous medical bills.

With our goal at hand Robert and I devised a plan: First I committed to spending only $60 a week on us girls (staying out of Target is a must now). Next we cut out all needless expense, like Art Classes for the girls (although we're still doing ballet). And finally we came up with a meal plan.

A meal plan with fun names and easy recipes: Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wild Wednesday, Traditional Thursday, Fun Friday, Saturday's Roast and Left Over Sunday. But meal plan or no meal plan sometimes you just feel like a hot dog! And that is exactly what Robert wanted to "roast" this Saturday!

So I baked some homemade Strawberry cupcakes,

set the table outside,

and enjoyed a wonderful picnic with my sweet family.

After an afternoon like that, I'm really glad Robert sometimes feels like a hot dog! Even if they are really, really gross!

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