Friday, February 4, 2011


Last night Brie's pain level increased and with her still being unable to use her right leg we decided to put a call into our pediatrician. With two inches of snow on the ground he said, "bring her in"! And that we did, too bad someone decided to hit our car on the way into the office, but that's another story!

After a whole host of test, a virus was ruled out. He felt it "might" be a infection and put us on an antibiotic. Interpretation, I have no idea what is wrong with this child, let's try this!

Needless to say, still no answers. We've put in calls to the Sturge-Weber Foundation for assistance in educating our doctors and will follow-up on Monday. Thank you again for your prayers!


  1. Jessica - I don't know how this would be related to the Sturge-Weber, especially if MRI has ruled out intracranial lesions. Viruses can cause myositis - muscle pain and weakness. Other viruses can cause inflammation and injury to the spinal cord, also causing pain, weakness and paralysis. Thing is, it's sometimes really difficult to detect. Do you recall if anyone did a CK (creatinine kinase)? It's a test that can help detect inflammation or damage to muscle. I hope you guys get things figured out.

    Jeff Savage

  2. i am not a doctor but i am with neurologist on this one so far,for ruling out connection with sturge weber and anxious abt your monday appointment.Virus can do some stinky,sneaky stuff and yet remain undetectable for long time unless hunted down agressively.possible??Who knows??? i am just thinking of possibilities.Whatever it is ,i am praying for you my dear friend and for our sweet Brie.God has the answers for everything and HE is the perfect healer.

  3. That seems like insult to injury. Poor you guys.