Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy UnBirthday To You

Need to change things up with your kids this summer? Have an extra $15 in your checking account? Then throw them an "Unbirthday Party"! It's just like a birthday party, minus the birthday (and presents). Since the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song "Happy UnBirthday" inspired the idea, we went with a Mickey Mouse themed party.
I bought a Mickey cupcake kit at Walmart, a few small party favors and five balloons. Everything else was pulled together with left-over party supplies in my pantry! Once our friend Abby arrived the party began by shaping Minnie Mouse's out of Crayola's Model Magic!Next we played a game of "Pin the Bow on Minnie". Take note of my bows, they're just left-over felt butterfly stickers turned into bows! I told you I did this party on the cheap! After Abby won the first game, we played a fun game of "Duck, Duck, Donald"! A little tuff with just three people, but the girls didn't mind! And of course no party is complete without cupcakes, so once all our activities were finished it was a free-for-all on the sprinkled goodness!With so much excitement the party concluded by relaxing with popcorn and a movie, Minnie's Masquarde!Before we knew it Abby's mom returned and everyone recieved their party favor, a $.69 cup with filled with left-over goodies inside! Happy UnBirthday Everyone! Let this inspire you to spoil your kids with sprinkles and smiles this summer!

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